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Hunan Penguin observers open to have this piece of "gold mine" for you to dig [Penguin local observers – see Hunan] began to sign up! Are you ready, Fran? Don’t worry about their work down to earth, obliterate in vast amounts of information? Worry about their hard code but get less than the audience? Concerned about their own small media can not become a brand? Never mind! A big move to penguin media platform from the media open push function!! Join the penguin local observer, your content will be directly to the user! At present, the activity has been open to the penguin area XX, and gradually extended to the country. What is the penguin local observer? [] is the penguin Penguin observer local media platform to follow the principle of openness, give attention to one exclusive interests of local quality content creators. Selected high quality penguin can use the platform to open the push function will be the creation of local quality content to your local express product users, the future will be extended to include Tencent news client and other platforms. The rights and interests of the launch aims to encourage various high-quality content creators "with a local perspective to write the local life, provide the most of life information, life, etc. for the fun side guide provinces and counties users. What can be done by a local observer? The greatest degree of exposure: as a penguin local observer, you will be released in the form of high-quality content will be displayed in the form of a push to express local users, and in the daily express client priority exposure. The most abundant flow is divided into: timely push + precise user launch will bring considerable traffic into the future for the stability of the quality of local content to provide the penguin, the platform is given priority to give content subsidies. The most perfect incentive mechanism: for the penguin observer account, the platform will be set up in different stages of honor incentive, issued a certificate, publish the list, the article uses a separate label as an incentive. What do you need to do to become a local observer? Publish high-quality articles in your qqnumber, includes but not limited to the local hot events, and idle away in seeking pleasure and to provide our local customs and practices. At present, many provinces of observers have begun to deliver high-quality content for the platform to provide valuable information for local users. How can we become a local observer? With the phone under the two-dimensional code, enter the registration page, according to the prompts to submit information, that is, the successful registration. Note: only the registration number of operators to open the penguin! Deadline: from now until November 10th 00:00相关的主题文章:

The European collider opened new tasks: find the fifth dimension and parallel universe into 360° most of the world’s Large Hadron Collider scientists are using the Large Hadron Collider looking for additional latitude particle Tencent science news according to the British "Daily Express" reported that scientists are using the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) search film the evidence of the universe. The theory of brane cosmology suggests that a series of two dimensional universes may be very close to us, and they may be accessible, and possibly even from one universe to another. The concept of the brane universe is in fact derived from string theory. The most basic unit of all matter in the universe is the string theory, which is a series of elusive tiny vibrating strings. Before the discovery of the Higgs boson in the form of mathematical formula on the blackboard for decades. Scientists at CERN, inspired by the discovery of the God particle, are now looking for evidence of the existence of a film universe with the help of the Large Hadron collider. The author of the study, the theoretical physicist Christophe Galfard, has been working with Stephen hawking. He claimed that the film is the universe parallel universe theory proposed so far the most impressive, the universe may be many different dimensions, and they are able to enter each other, and they themselves like string. Christophe Galfard suggests that you might suddenly wonder whether there will be other humans living in other membrane universes, and that the black hole would be a channel between us and the rest of the universe. Everything that is involved in three dimensions (and possibly four dimensional space) can be calculated mathematically, but these are almost impossible to be found in the human brain. A test for the presence of an additional latitude is to find particles at an additional latitude with the aid of the Large Hadron collider. Harvard University physics professor Lisa Randall said the related theory on extra latitude found in special particles, these particles will have the same characteristics with the standard particle detectors so we can find it, but their quality is greater. (passenger compile)相关的主题文章:

Historical data show that the Fed will raise interest rates after the gold price! Abstract: with the Fed failed to raise interest rates second times, the international price of gold has risen by 27%, is expected in September 2016, the Fed will continue to raise interest rates again. According to bullionvault website article, in December last year, the Fed decided to raise interest rates, the international price of gold fell to $1046 an ounce, a record low of nearly 6 years, compared with the highest point fell by 45%. International gold prices hit a peak of $1920 an ounce in 2011. 2012 in order to stimulate the economy to expand the Federal Reserve QE policy launched a $85 billion monthly debt purchase plan, but the price of gold did not rise up to the previous high. International gold prices fell in 2013, in 2014 (when the Fed began to cut QE) the trend is relatively stable, but in 2015 (the Federal Reserve in the first interest rate hike in the year of 2015 in December) gold prices began to fall. The Federal Reserve raised interest rates for the first time in 2015, but it will raise interest rates several times, when to raise interest rates? When the interest rate hike cycle ends? These issues will affect the future trend of gold. 2016 international gold prices rose sharply, this is the first time since the outbreak of the international financial crisis in 2007, such a substantial rise. With the Fed failed to raise interest rates second times, the international price of gold has risen by 27%, is expected in September 2016, the Fed will continue to raise interest rates again. If the Fed really does raise interest rates again this week, does it mean that the Fed has entered a normal rate hike cycle? From 2009 to 2015, the Fed kept interest rates low. In the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, it has no other monetary policy tools. Britain announced after the international price of gold hit a two-year high of $1375 an ounce, after the price of gold began to decline, compared with this high fell nearly $50 an ounce. In general, some of the Fed’s decision will lead to the immediate reaction of gold prices. Since the Fed has repeatedly stated that the second rate hike will soon be. So investors worry about the price of gold. Survey of investors found that they believe that once the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, the international price of gold will appear to rise. Since 1986, compared with the interest rate hike, if the fed to raise interest rates, the international price of gold is more likely to rise. In the long run, the Fed rate hike, the international price of gold tends to rise sharply. And this often happens. What the hell is going on? Whether in the short or long term, the Fed does not raise interest rates for the longer, the more serious the U.S. inflation rate, and the price of gold has a role in maintaining inflation. In addition, the investment is generally expected. When things do not happen in advance to prepare, when things happen, there will be no bad, good may come. If the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, the international price of gold fell? Investors can’t wait to sell gold. As we say, gold does not bring profit, and the cost of holding gold is relatively high. This part of investors want to cash. From a historical point of view, the recent decline in international gold indicates the fed.相关的主题文章:

U.S. Department of Commerce preliminary China stainless steel product of dumping in Washington in September 12, Xinhua (reporter Zheng Qihang Gao Pan) 12 U.S. Department of Commerce announced the preliminary results, finds from stainless steel sheet and strip China dumping of imports. The Commerce Department said in a statement, the preliminary determination of China’s exports to the United States and the presence of stainless steel sheet and strip dumping, dumping margin of 63.86% and two grade 76.64%. The dumping margin based on the preliminary results, the U.S. Commerce Department will notify the United States Customs these products exports to China impose appropriate margin. In response to the AK Steel Ltd., North American stainless steel companies such as the four Steel Corp in the United States the complaint, the U.S. Department of Commerce on March this year launched anti-dumping and anti subsidy from stainless steel sheet and strip China imports (dual) investigation. In July this year, the U.S. Department of Commerce announced preliminary results, initially identified the existence of subsidization from the Chinese imported stainless steel products, subsidies range from 57.3% to 193.12%. According to the U.S. program, the U.S. Department of Commerce and International Trade Commission will be held in November this year and next year in January to make the final ruling on the survey. If the two institutions have made an affirmative final determination, identified from the Chinese such products imported to the U.S. industry caused substantial damage or threat, the U.S. Commerce Department will request the customs to impose anti-dumping and countervailing duties related products. U.S. Department of commerce data show that the United States last year, imports of Chinese products such as the amount of about $302 million. The Ministry of Commerce Chinese repeatedly said that the United States intensified trade protective measures can only exacerbate friction and conflict, help solve the problem, and points out that the US steel industry has been in the protected state, the iron and steel industry lack of competitiveness is the result of excessive protection. (end) editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章:

Director of Shaanxi village Party Secretary and village after stabbing suspected Pro nephew called rap – village Party Secretary and village director with Sohu news gathered relatives according to kill the adjudicative document, the Shaanxi provincial high court before the incident, wells and wells five yuan victim Tao produced a contradiction, in the election of village director in the process, the Tao was chosen as well the village director wells, five yuan for the village Party branch secretary. The afternoon of June 22, 2013, Jing Tao call wells restaurant five yuan to the County Council. 19 PM that night, wells five yuan with relatives, Jing Bin came to the teahouse. After the meeting, Tao wells proposed, prepared in the village contracted an infrastructure project, but wells five yuan, the village contracted engineering should not be a man who swept the village director Jing Tao, immediately objected, the two sides dispute. During the period, wells and well Tao five yuan two wells five yuan took strike violently, the cabin’s chair even hit the head and shoulders of the number of wells Tao, until the bench was smashed. At this time, just from the downstairs parking into the room to see uncle Jing Bin and director of the village dispute, together with the Tao tearing up well. According to the Shaanxi Provincial High Court and the fact that, in this process, Jing Bin took out his pocket knife, stabbed several knives out well, died on the spot by Jing tao. After identification, Jing Tao Department of sharp thorn heart and lung and body multiple, caused by massive hemorrhage and death. Well then, five yuan, Jing Bin was rushed to the police arrested. The investigative work, Jing Bin and wells five yuan was involved in another two cases of affray and intentional injury cases. In June 2014, Weinan City, the prosecution of intentional homicide, intentional assault, affray crime prosecution of Jing Bin wells, five yuan. His admission murder was sentenced to death for the trial, Jing Bin admitted that he did not mean to kill the well of the tao. Jing Bin said, since wells Tao when the village director, everywhere began to crack down on Jing Bin, including some of the project contract to stop Jing Bin in the village, after two people had a quarrel, Jing Bin also played for Jing Tao. But the incident that day, I saw Uncle Tao and wells wells five yuan between wells and Tao strike violently, cursing, so only shot beaten Jing tao. "Tao wells with the right arm caught in my neck, pressing my head to hit the corner of the table, I saw her bleeding, he pulled out a folding knife carry stabbed his hips and thighs several knife." Jing Bin said the statement, then still called wells Tao to kill themselves, their then stabbed several knives out well. Later saw police officers came, I picked up the knife out of the room, told police officers, stabbed the man is his own." Jing Bin statement said. For Jing Bin’s confession and the prosecution allegations, uncle wells five yuan and there is no objection, also insisted that Jing Bin is killed. But it is worth mentioning that the restaurant owner and two assistants in the testimony of the witnesses did not determine the knife to kill Jing Bin, but see Jing Bin’s uncle wells five yuan out of the room, to the waiter asked where the tool. But according to the investigation organ Jing Bin readme and wells five yuan confession, identify the murderer as Jing Bin. Finally, after the Weinan intermediate people’s Court of first instance, found that Jing Bin and wells five yuan constitute intentional homicide, as well as the other two intentional injury, search.相关的主题文章:

Sichuan, a disabled man was summoned dead in the police station two police involved suspended – Beijing Bazhong city and Tongjiang County prosecutors have been involved in the investigation, two police involved was suspended on October 7th afternoon, Tongjiang County propaganda office official informed that: 20:29 on October 6th, Tongjiang County town recruit residents Li Moumou call from police station telephone report said his neighbor, and two little girls that night in the home play, was living in the home of the five dragon Moumou (male, 52 years old) obscene. From the police station and police quickly arrived at the scene, the Dragon Moumou summoned to the police station. In the inquiry process, so long at 7 days at 2:30 in the morning suddenly fainting, become unconscious. Police immediately call from town hospital phone, request ambulance, the doctor came to the rescue speed. Hospital doctors rushed to the police station, after 30 minutes of rescue at the scene is invalid, declaring the death of moumou. After the incident, from the police station immediately to the County Bureau 110 command center, duty Bureau report. Tongjiang County Public Security Bureau to the Bazhong Municipal Public Security Bureau, the county government and the county Party committee leadership, Tongjiang County People’s procuratorate. Bazhong Municipal Public Security Bureau, Tongjiang county Party committee and government leaders immediately instructed to quickly identify the situation, properly handle the aftermath. Tongjiang County Public Security Bureau officials have rushed to recruit police station, with the staff, the county procuratorate crime scene, the police, and the police investigation that night and asked the guard suspect case. Currently, the suspect Moumou death scene investigation has ended, the case of indecent cases and deaths are under investigation. Suspect Moumou death due to specific reasons to wait for the consent of the deceased after the autopsy, to determine and open. Involving police in the police, asked in the process of violations of law and discipline problems, will be severely dealt with according to discipline in accordance with regulations. It is understood that the Dragon Moumou have mental retardation, physical disability also no wife and children, 4 years ago, was sent to the family from town homes, usually he is in the street to pick up waste money. The police involved a total of 4 people, including two police and two police official. After the incident, according to the relevant provisions and requirements of the families of the deceased, the public security departments to take the initiative to avoid, Bazhong and Tongjiang two prosecutors first time involved in the investigation, the police have been involved in the implementation of two people. The remains of the deceased have been sent to the funeral home, the prosecution will assign forensic autopsy. Huaxi City Reader reporter  相关的主题文章: